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Flexible exhibition booth


The Surface-line: the tablet that can replace your laptop. Co-Creatie Buro was challenged to create a flexible exhibition booth to allow visitors to meet the Surface. Core values in this project were quality, unique experiences and a transparent range of supply.


Co-Creatie Buro took the brand values of Microsoft and translated them to a luxurious, accessible exhibition booth of 9 square meters. The organic shapes used in contrast with wood and high gloss materials made the Microsoft exhibition booth into a visual experience.

“Empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.”

Visitors of the event were invited to discover the developments of Microsoft Surface themselves. The exhibition booth presented both the latest developments and the excellent face-to-face contact features of Microsoft.

In addition, the images were easily replaceable, making the exhibition booth flexible and allowing Microsoft to make the exhibition booth suitable for every event and every target audience. Freedom where necessary; we were able to translate that to very practical solutions! 


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